Introduction to the Course

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The Foundations of Singing

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. External Training & Support

    3. What makes my course unique

    4. Are you singing Healthy? Let's find out

    5. Understanding The Physiology of Singing

    6. The 16 Benefits of Singing You Were Not Aware Of

    7. Demonstration - Practical Breathing Exercises

    8. Demonstration - Vocal Warm Up - Sirens

    9. Demonstration - Vocal Resonance & Vowels

    10. Demonstration - Starting A Note (Onsets)

    11. Demonstration - Building Motor Skills For Singing

    12. Resonance - Feeling it & Placement 'In your head'

    13. Vocal Registers - Vocal Fry & How To Use It

    14. Vocal Registers - Chest & Head Voice Discovery

    15. Mixed Voice - What The Heck Does It Mean

    16. Vibrato - The Vocal Effect That Every Singer Wants to Master

    17. The 5 Lessons of How to Sing Riffs & Runs

    18. Adele - How to Riff like Adele!

    19. Beyonce - How To Riff Like Beyonce

    20. Vocal Health & Wellness - Care For a Tired Voice

    21. What next? Goal Plan

    22. Downloadable PDF Training Plan

    1. Vocal Coach Reacts to the Honest Vocal Coach

    2. Vocal Coach Reacts to Dimash - Sos

    3. Vocal Coach Reacts to LP - Lost on you

    4. Vocal Coach Reacts to Nightwish - Ghost Love Score

    5. Vocal Coach Reacts to Diana Ankudinova - Wicked Game

    6. Vocal Coach Reacts to Jessie J - I Have Nothing

    7. Vocal Coach Reacts to Henk Poort - Sound of Silence

    8. Vocal Coach Reacts to OG3NE - Bohemian Rhapsody

    9. Vocal Coach Reacts to Ariana Grande - Wizard & I

    10. Vocal Coach Reacts to Nicole Scherzinger - Phantom of the opera

    1. Testimonial - Alan Bedworth

About this course

  • $69.99
  • 40 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Benefits of taking the course

  • Vocal Technique

    Understand your vocal range, Learn how to resonate, Develop good pitch, Correct your breathing technique, Build vocal confidence, Take care of your voice

  • Confidence

    Have a better understanding of your voice, Discover what genre is better for you, Discover what key you should sing in

  • Self Development

    Have a structure of development, decide on how you want to progress as a singer, plan out your future